There’s a lot of rumours about where Lewis Hamilton  will be next season.  At first glance, Mercedes is the obvious choice.  He won the Driver’s Championship in 2014, and after 3 races this season, he’s in a greata position to retain his championship, but it’s also pretty clear that there’s something else going on.

Firstly, Hamilton’s negotiating his own contract for next season.  The rumours around the paddock are that the deal is worth close to $25 million per year.  That would make hime just about tthe top paid driver in the field.  And given the dominance of Mercedes over the past couple of years, would probably ensure that he’d add at least 2 more championship titles to his CV.

Of course it’s not that simple.  Like al drivers, he’d like to drive for Ferrari.. And it seems that despite Kimi Raikkonen”s performance in Doha, his place in 2016 isn’t guaranteed (although Vettel’s is).  It’s possible that the lack of clarity for Hamilton next season means that he’s just waiting for Mercedes to agree to his terms, however, given the lack of confirmation about who will partner Vettel next season, and Hamilton’s current lack of commitment for next season, and the XBOX pweformance in testing, it’s more than just a little likely that the team will do something pretty cool for net seasonl.

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