Red Bull Racing Trophies Stolen

A group of men drove a 4×4 through the front entrance of the Red Bull Racing Factory in Milton Keynes before making off with around 60 trophies that the team have ammassed over the past few seasons.

The robbery happened at around 1:30AM, and involved 6 men who left the scene in a second car – possibly a dark coloured estate car with overseas number plates.  The theft appears to have been planned well in advance, although it came just a few days after photographs of ex-driver Sebastian Vettel posing in front of the trophy cabinet were widely posted on the web.

It appears that many of the trophies that were stolen in the raid are replicas of the originals awarded at the races, and as such their value on the open market is very limited, however Christian Horner, the Red Bull team principal stressed the personal value of the trophies to the members of the team who’ve contributed to Red Bull’s success.

Like most teams, Red Bull offer limited access to their factory to fans, but the robbery is likely to reduce the level of access that is offered in the future.

The police are investigating the robbery, but as yet there has been no announcement about any progress.

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