2015 F1 Race Calendar Released

The FIA have released the preliminary 2015 F1 Race Calendar which includes 21 races – up from the 19 scheduled for 2014.

The two big changes to the season are the revival of the Korean Grand Prix at the Korea International Circuit at Yeongam, and the addition of the Mexican Grand Prix which returns to the calendar after a 21 year absence.

It’s unlikely that this is the final version of the calendar that we’ll see next year.  Aside from the logistic difficulties of getting the teams and their equipment from Korea to Spain within 7 days, there are likely to be some objections from the smaller teams about the additional expense of running a 21 race season, unless the F1 Group agree to higher payments to the teams to reflect the cost and revenue of a longer season.

F1 2015 Provisional Calendar

Here’s the provisional calendar for the 2015 Formula 1 season:

  • 15 March: Australia
  • 29 March: Malaysia
  • 12 April: China
  • 19 April: Bahrain
  • 3 May: Korea*
  • 10 May: Spain
  • 24 May: Monaco
  • 7 June: Canada
  • 21 June: Austria
  • 5 July: Great Britain
  • 19 July: Germany
  • 26 July: Hungary
  • 23 August: Belgium
  • 6 September: Italy
  • 20 September: Singapore
  • 27 September: Japan
  • 11 October: Russia
  • 25 October: United States
  • 1 November: Mexico
  • 15 November: Brazil
  • 29 November: Abu Dhabi
The bulk of the season is identical to 2014, starting with Australia and finishing in Abu Dhabi, with the 2015 Mexican Grand prix sitting in the middle of a triple header through north, central and south America.
There’s a 4 week break in mid season when teams will need to shut down their factories for 2 weeks.

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