Rain Forecast for the Brazilian Grand Prix

It’s looking increasingly as though this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix is going to be dominated by wet weather which could have a big impact on the championship run in.

Qualifying on Saturday is likely to be disrupted by thunderstorms which also means that there’s likely to be some very heavy rain on the Interlagos track:

brazil grand prix saturday weather forcast

Brazil Grand Prix Saturday weather forecast

In theory the rain shouldn’t affect the ability of the Mercedes to dominate the rest of the field – they’ve been as fast in the wet as the dry this season – however the uncertainty that it brings to the day might mean that Hamilton or Rosberg could end up with a lot more to do in the race than they might with a dry qualifying.

On Sunday the weather is forecast to be changeable too, with a 50% chance of rain during the race:

brazil grand prix sunday weather forecast

i Brazil Grand Prix Sunday weather forecast

A wet race always adds a bit more uncertainty to the result.  While the Mercedes drivers should maintain their gap to the field, a badly timed safety car, or an accident on the circuit could mean that the result is anything but a foregone conclusion.

Hamilton goes into the race with a 24 point lead over Rosberg and with 75 points still available with double points at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, it’s essential for him to finish in front of his championship rival to build a bigger gap going into the final race.  There’s no way for Hamilton to win the championship this Sunday, but if either Mercedes driver failed to finish the race, they could be traveling to Abu Dhabi with either a 1 or a 49 point lead!

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