The Price of Failure in F1? $100 Million

If the reports coming out of the Paddock at Interlagos are to be believed, Bernie’s taking steps to try and solve some of the financial issues that the smaller teams are facing with an emergency payment of $100 million!marussia f1 team news

Apparently the cash is an advance on the prize money that the teams are entitled to for this season.

F1 has a habit of throwing problems a little bit further down the road rather than dealing with them, and it seems as though this is a case of that.  If Marussia and Caterham struggled this season because they ran out of cash, then giving them the money a bit earlier is probably just going to put off the inevitable collapse until later.  That’s not necessarily such a bad thing for the grid, as it means that we’ll be a little bit closer to the Haas entry and possibly Forza Rossa, so the loss of two teams wouldn’t mean that the sport was failing to deliver enough cars to meet the FIA contract requirements.

Predictably there’s a bit of a backlash from the bigger teams – Horner has been talking about how failure shouldn’t be rewarded, and at the same time, there’s a big piece on the BBC website about the cost of entering F1 being around £100 million without any hope of really being competitive.

The fact is that nothing’s really going to change in F1 until the sport attracts more manufacturers (or advertising spend), and that’s probably not going to happen until the grid’s a lot more competitive so the investors can have some hope of a return on their investment.



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