What Next For Button?

According to Motorsport.com It’s looking increasingly like Fernando Alonso has decided to sign a 2+1 year contract with McLaren Honda starting in 2015, which will unfreeze other movements in the driver market and allow for Sebastian Vettel to be announced as Alonso’s replacement at Ferrari.

Of course 3 drivers into 2 McLaren seats doesn’t go, so it looks like either Button or Magnussen is going to be out on their ear to accommodate Alonso.  It’s increasingly looking as though Button’s going to be the one without a drive at the team for 2015 – after all, his key assets (a former world champion, Santander relationship, and development skills) are all going to be covered by Alonso.  Also, having two expensive drivers probably doesn’t make financial sense in the current environment.Porsche 919 - Button to WEC

Assuming that Magnussen is retained, the question of what’s next for button arises.  There’s plenty of rumours around that he’s heading over to Porsche for the WEC – potentially as part of a dream team with Mark Webber, but his manager has also been quite vocal in stating that there are other F1 teams who are keen on his services for next year (although the number of available seats right now looks pretty much like zero).

With nowhere to go, it looks like F1 could be losing one of its most popular drivers and a former world champion – although Button’s likely to hang around the paddock in some sense – possibly moving into media like Coulthard.


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