Mattiacchi Sacked by Ferrari, Arrivabene In

Maurizio Arrivabene has been announced as the new Team Principal of the Ferrari formula 1 team at the end of a tumultuous season that has seen a lot of change at the Maranello outfit.

Mattiacchi was appointed to the team back in April after his predecessor Stefano Domenicalli was fired following the team’s disappointing start to the season.  Although he didn’t have any racing experience, Mattiachi was seen as a rising star at the company and was in charge of US sales.  At the time there were rumours that he’d been brought into the team to gain more understanding of the brand ahead of being progressed into the CEO role at a later date.Marco Mattiacchi Sacked by Ferrari

However, he failed to turn around the season for the team, and after a number of failures including the loss of star driver Fernando Alonso he has now paid the ultimate price with the loss of his job within the group.  According to some sources, Mattiacchi had been looking at options of working with either Aston Martin or McLaren’s road car operations earlier in the year, and this may be the reason why he has departed Ferrari entirely rather than just being relieved of his duties in the F1 team.

Who is Maurizio Arrivabene?

His replacement, Maurizio Arrivabene has been instrumental in maintaining the sponsorship of Philip Morris brand Marlboro with the Scuderia, and joins the team without any specific motor sports experience – although he has been involved in the sport since 1997.  He is also a director of Juventus Football club.

Rumours about Mattiacchi’s departure had been circulating the pitlane for a while, but reached fever pitch at Abu Dhabi, with numerous sources naming his replacement after the team’s worst season in 20 years.

Arrivabene is well respected as a manager and marketing expert, and has been involved in the F1 Sponsors group for long enough to have a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the sport.  scuderia ferrari team news

It is possible that he has been brought into the team to get direct experience of the brand before being moved into the CEO role at a later date.  Historically, time spent managing the scuderia has been essential to build the credibility within Ferrari to take on overall control of the company, and with Marchionne moving towards an IPO in 2015, an experienced CEO would be a real benefit to the share price.


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