Marussia in Abu Dhabi? Nearly

Rumours are circulating that the Marussia team was preparing to race at Abu Dhabi despite having been apparently wound up a couple of weeks ago.  The brief resurrection of the team was one reason why Max Chilton did not pursue the Caterham seat which was eventually given to Will Stevens.

According to, their pitlane neighbours were cleared out of the Marussia garages, and a number of technical staff from the team were on site with equipment preparing for the cars to run after a 2 race absence.  However, as the day progressed, it appears that a “serious bid” to buy the team had hit trouble, and as a result the team would no longer run.

It seems that the team had been attempting to reorganise and race in order to claim 9th place in the constructors championship which would have been worth around $60million for next season – and a major asset for any potential buyer, however a lack of funds means that are highly unlikely to make an appearance at the race.marussia f1 team news

Adam Cooper wrote in his blog that the team’s cars and various other freight was on the way to Abu Dhabi, but that inevitably cash issues had forced them to cancel.

Whether or not the team would have actually attempted to race, or simply stopped at their first pit stop to ensure that they got their appearance fee and confirmed their entry for next season would have been interesting to see.

With Marussia not competing, it is possible that we could still see Chilton on the track after it emerged that Will Stevens does not yet have the necessary Super License – although this should be a formality given his prior experience.


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