Where is Fernando Alonso Heading in 2015?

Fernando Alonso NewsAside from the goings on at Marussia and Caterham, the biggest story in the F1 Paddock right now is still what’s happening with Fernando Alonso in 2015.  There’s plenty of rumours going around, and some are clearer than others.

Here’s the top Fernando Alonso Gossip right now:

Back to McLaren

This seems most obvious.  The Woking team have Honda power next season, and he’s been there before – albeit under a bit of a cloud.  The new engines are supposed to be powerful, and there’s likely to be a lot of investment in the McLaren MP4-30 chassis which might give him the 3rd championship he craves.

Stay at Ferrari

He’s been at Ferrari for a few years without getting the championship, and he’s arguably been the main reason why the team have been competitive.  He’s stated numerous times that the Maranello team is where he wants to finish his career, but there’s also a feeling around the paddock that his time there is winding down – especially after the departures of Domenicalli and Montezemelo recently.

Back to Lotus / Enstone

He won his two drivers championships with the team when it was Renault, and they have the coveted Mercedes power units for 2015, but they don’t seem to have much cash, and have really struggled this year.  It’s hard to see him going back there, but stranger things have happened.

A Year Out

It’s pretty clear that Mercedes AMG is the team with all the cards at the moment, and it’s where Fernando Alonso is most likely to win a 3rd championship next season, but realistically they’ve got two great drivers in Hamilton and Rosberg, and neither of them is going anywhere in 2015.  There’s a chance that Alonso could spend a year on the sidelines in the hopes that he might get a drive at Mercedes in 2016, but that seems pretty unlikely.


Alonso’s still at the peak of his abilities, so it’s hard to see him calling it a day, but if things are not going to improve at Ferrari next season, and there’s no chance of a championship, he may decide that enough is enough and walk away from the sport.  That would be a tragedy, but ultimately, if he doesn’t feel he can achieve his goals next season it might be a slim possibility.

If he does retire, he may well end up in the WEC and racing at Le Mans with former Red Bull driver Mark Webber.

When’s the Announcement?

We’ve been waiting for weeks to find out where Alonso will be in 2015, and as the time passes, dates have been suggested before passing.  It might happen at the Brazilian Grand Prix, or right at the end of the season after Abu Dhabi.  At this stage, no-one except Alonso knows when the answer about what he’ll be doing in 2015 will finally come out.



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