F1 Constructors Letter to Bernie Ecclestone

It’s long been said that the biggest problem for F1 teams is their inability to work together towards a common goal.  This week it appears that the smaller constructors have reached the point of no return in their battle with CVC and Bernie Ecclestone for a bigger share of the F1 prize pot.

The letter from Force India, Lotus, and Sauber was sent to the team principals of the larger manufacturer backed teams, Bernie Ecclestone, and CVC and outlines the current financial situation of the teams along with their concerns about the direction of the sport.

The teams have stated that they received between $50-60 million each from Formula 1 this season – which sounds like a lot until you accept that the costs of the 2014 power units was an average of $43 million.  This means that without decent sponsorship, the teams are totally unable to fund their participation in a 20 race season without incurring significant losses.

sahara force india f1 team newsThe teams have repeatedly stated that the distribution of funds within F1 is unfair and heavily biased towards the larger teams – in fact half of the income from the sport went to the top 4 teams in the strategy group with the remainder split between the other 7.  It’s also thought that Ferrari receive around $20 million as a bonus simply for turning up.

The smaller teams haven’t made a direct threat to quit the sport, and are signed up to the 2015 season, however given Ecclestone’s recent stance that it’s up to them to sort out their own finances and run their teams in a businesslike manner, it’s likely that the meeting that’s been requested in Abu Dhabi will be fiery.

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