F1 2014 World Drivers Champion Permutations

Nico Rosberg’s victory in the 2014 Brazil Grand Prix has opened the drivers championship again with him narrowing the gap to teammate Lewis Hamilton to 17 points ahead of the season ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on 23 November.

This year the season finale awards double points, meaning that the championship could still go either way.  A far cry from recent years where the champion has been crowned with races to spare.

Nico Rosberg NewsBernie Ecclestone brought in the double points finale to ensure that tension about who would win the title would last until the end of the season, and in that respect he’s succeeded.  The big question is who will take the points and the title.

Hamilton and Rosberg Head to Head 2014

Here’s the stats on each driver for the season including their results in the Brazilian Grand Prix:

driver standings after Brazil GPIn terms of wins, Lewis Hamilton has dominated his teammate this year, but he’s suffered from worse reliability, with 3 non finishes having seriously damaged his championship potential.  One of those followed a collision with Rosberg at the Belgian GP when Rosberg finished in 2nd to pick up 18 points.

Abu Dhabi Permutations

If Hamilton finishes the race ahead of Rosberg or comes second he will be crowned champion, however if Rosberg finishes ahead of Hamilton he can win the championship under any of the following scenarios:

  • ROS wins, HAM 3rd or Lower
  • ROS 2nd, HAM 6th or Lower
  • ROS 3rd, HAM 7th or Lower
  • ROS 4th, HAM 9th or Lower
  • ROS 5th, HAM 10th or Lower

In races where both Mercedes have finished this season, Lewis Hamilton has finished ahead of Rosberg 10 times while Rosberg has finished ahead of Hamilton 4 times.

Mercedes Director Toto Wolff has said that he would be disappointed to see the championship result determined by reliability issues, but with a total of 5 non finishes out of 36 starts in 2014, and both drivers coming to the end of their engine allowance, there’s a distinct probability that it could be the case.  If Hamilton doesn’t finish, Rosberg needs to finish no lower than 5th.  If Rosberg doesn’t finish, or both drivers stop on track, Hamilton will win the championship.

World Driver Championship Prediction

Although Rosberg won the last race in Brazil, Hamilton is arguably the stronger driver going into the season finale, and as such we’d expect him to be crowned World Drivers Champion at the end of the Abu Dhabi race.Lewis Hamilton News



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