Eddie Jordan tells Bernie: Retire

According to an interview with the Daily Mail, the former team owner Eddie Jordan has said that it’s time Bernie Eccelestone’s time as CEO of F1 came to an end.

At 84 years old, Bernie Ecclestone still runs the sport with an iron fist, keeping the teams in check and is adept at creating and maintaining interest in the sport thanks to his often controversial comments.bernie-ecclestone

This year however, there are an increasing number of cracks in the sport beginning to show.  Aside from his recent trial in Germany, and ongoing disputes with the smaller teams in the sport, Ecclestone has also appeared out of touch on occasions – stating that F1 didn’t need to appeal to a younger audience via social media, as that audience weren’t able to buy any of the products advertised via the sport.  Red Bull would probably disagree.

Jordan’s comments follow on from other dissent in the F1 paddock from the smaller teams who are concerned about budgets in the sport, and also from some followers of the sport who feel that the focus on setting up new races in places like Azerbaijan means that traditional tracks such as Spa or Silverstone are increasingly being sidelined.

Who Could Replace Bernie

While many people would say that no-one could replace Bernie, there have been various rumours that CVC were looking at alternatives if his trial had resulted in conviction.  One name that came up repeatedly was that of Justin King – the former CEO of Sainsburys and a known motor racing fan.  He left the retailer in this July, and has not yet accepted a similar role.  At 53 years old, he represents an entirely new generation, and his commercial experience and success at developing Sainsbury’s might be a welcome change for the sport.


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