2015 Entry List

The FIA have released the 2015 F1 entry list which includes 11 teams (22 cars) – the same as in 2014. You can see it here.


 There are a couple of changes to the teams: McLaren Mercedes will, unsurprisingly, be called McLaren Honda and Marussia will be Manor F1.

The second name change isn’t a big surprise given what’s happened in recent weeks, but there’s possibly more to it.  The Marussia road car company stopped manufacturing cars in April this year, so there was really no need for the F1 branding to promote the Russian supercars next year. The back office part of the team has always been “Manor” even when the title sponsor was Virgin.

Given the previous history of name changes and title sponsors at Manor over their history it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they line up on the grid in Melbourne under a different name.


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